Peahi Beach, Maui, Hawaii  

Events Calendar



  • VISIT USA EXPO - Perth Dates: Monday 10th of February
  • VISIT USA EXPO - Adelaide Dates: Tuesday 11th of February
  • VISIT USA EXPO - Gold Coast Dates: Wednesday 12th of February
  • VISIT USA EXPO - Brisbane Dates: Monday 17th of February
  • VISIT USA EXPO - Melbourne Dates: Tuesday 18th of February
  • VISIT USA EXPO - Sydney Dates: Wednesday 19th of February


  • Visit West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board Dates: Monday 30th of March - Friday 3rd of April


  • DFW Sales Mission - AKL Dates: Tuesday 28th of April
  • DFW Sales Mission - SYD/MEL Dates: Wednesday 29th of April - Friday 1st of May


  • West Hollywood Sales Mission - SYD/AKL Dates: Monday 4th of May - Friday 8th of May


  • Travel South sales mission Dates: Monday 15th of June - Friday 19th of June


  • Travel Texas Roadshow - Brisbane, Sydney , Melbourne Dates: Monday 20th of July - Friday 24th of July


  • LAS VEGAS sales mission Dates: Monday 31st of August - Friday 4th of September


  • Visit California Sales Mission Dates: Monday 12th of October - Friday 16th of October
  • Great American West - Sales mission Dates: Monday 19th of October - Thursday 29th of October