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VUSA (Australia) Organisation is a voluntary body that promotes travel to the United States of America. It is funded by individual members from the Australian Travel Trade as well as from associate members in the USA. The Board Members of the organisation work vigorously to promote the US as a desirable destination of choice.

The Visit USA Organisation Australia working for you

This work supports the Australian Travel Trade members of the Organistion who do the important work of promoting US destinations and products through:

1) Travel publications and brochures
2) The sales effort of the field sales teams
3) Electronic dissemination of product and information

Members pay a membership fee which contributes to the operation of this organisation. The fees are used for work in the promotion of the USA and the dissemination of relevant information. Airlines, wholesalers, destination marketing companies, US product representatives and US product suppliers are full-paying members of the organization.

The Aims and Objectives of the Visit USA Organisation Australia